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Patients and Herbal Supplements
Patients and Herbal SupplementsYour patients are using herbal products, but do you know enough about them?
Botanical ingredients reduce mild acne-related erythema
Botanical ingredients reduce mild acne-related erythemaA combination of salicylic acid and botanicals commonly may provide anti-inflammatory benefits as a spot treatment for acne.
Alternative approaches for psoriasisFor patients who need or want alternative approaches for treating psoriasis, balenotherapy, curcumin, indigo naturalis, fish oil supplementation, and dietary control may provide effective relief, either alone or as integrative therapy.
Indigo Naturalis
Indigo NaturalisIndigo naturalis is an Old-World plant with multiple uses. Used in China for centuries as a traditional medicine, current clinical studies are proving its effectiveness as well as identifying mechanisms of action.
Voices 09-15-2013Drug Topics readers weigh in on natural medicines, foreign-made pharmaceuticals, and drugstore tobacco sales.