Drug Safety Communication on Gadolinium Contrast Agents
Drug Safety Communication on Gadolinium Contrast AgentsThe FDA has issued new warnings about retention of gadolinium retention after use of contrast agents for MRIs.
Know the benefits of adopting neuroimaging
Know the benefits of adopting neuroimagingNeuroimaging can help ODs better treat patients with possible tumor, vascular disorder, or demyelinating disease. CT scans are used for bone fractures and vascular disorders as well as orbital and pituitary tumors. MRIs are best gliomas and menigiomas and screening for vascular disorders. Communicate to radiology patient history and what you are trying to rule out when ordering tests.
Ten ways multiple myeloma treatment is changingAs multiple myeloma treatment improvements continue, it’s important for managed care executives to get out in front of these 10 changes on the horizon.
Are MRI scans safe during pregnancy?A study examines the safety of MRI scans during pregnancy. Plus: Researchers at Florida State University identify several compound that could combat Zika.
Are bisphosphonates really effective?A new study asks if bisphosphonates are truly effective at preventing fractures as a result of osteoporosis. Plus: What does weight gain between pregnancy mean for neonatal health? Also, do saturated fat levels indicate breast cancer?
Targeted biopsy: High-risk PCa detection rises 30%A large-scale study provides new evidence that targeted MRI ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy increases detection of high risk prostate cancers while decreasing detection of low-risk cancers. "More reliable diagnosis"
FDA approves Gadavist for pediatric patients younger than 2FDA has approved gadobutrol (Gadavist, Bayer HealthCare) injection for use with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in pediatric patients aged younger than 2 years to detect and visualize areas with disrupted blood brain barrier and/or abnormal vascularity of the central nervous system. It is the first gadolinium-based contrast agent for patients aged younger than 2 years, including term neonates
Does price transparency lead to better value in healthcare?Meaningful, timely cost information leads consumers away from hospitals, towards freestanding and office-based procedures
Report: U.S. health care costs significantly higher than other countriesAccording to a recent report from the International Federation of Health Plans, health care costs in the United States—including prescriptions, hospitalizations, and routine surgical procedures—often significantly outweigh costs in other countries.
High-tech imaging modalities identify perineural spread of head and neck malignanciesHigh-tech imaging modalities are helpful in detecting metastatic neural spread of tumors, a process known as perineural spread (PNS), and thus can be instrumental in better managing the patient, says Barton Lane, M.D.