Novel IOL may be key to preventing negative dysphotopsia
Device improves irregular astigmatism in pseudophakic eyesA pinhole implant placed in the ciliary sulcus can improve visual acuity and reduce dysphotic symptoms in pseudophakic eyes with irregular corneal astigmatism. Implantation is even easier with the latest version of the investigational device
Tips to addressing cataract surgery challenges in glaucomatous eyesPatients needing glaucoma surgery may also be candidates for a combined procedure with cataract removal and IOL implantation. For a variety of reasons, cataract surgery may present challenges in eyes with glaucoma. Alan S. Crandall, MD, provided cases to demonstrate the complexities encountered when performing cataract surgery in glaucoma patients and strategies for achieving successful outcomes.
Innovative IOL technology fills pipelineAn array of IOLs under development and in clinical trials show promise for correcting presbyopia or addressing other limitations of existing pseudophakic lenses.