Physician predictions for 2017
Physician predictions for 2017Physicians from across the nation look into the future to predict what the coming year might bring for healthcare.
Tips for sharing performance pay with practice staffWith value-based reimbursement coming, its time to consider how and when to share the rewards with employees
How physicians can choose the right financial adviser
How physicians can choose the right financial adviserMany physicians are overconfident when it comes to their finances, and Joel Greenwald, MD, a former internal medicine physician who has spent the last 16 years working as a certified financial planner (CFP) for physicians and dentists, admits he was one of them.
Should doctors extend their practice hours?
Should doctors extend their practice hours?In a world in which consumers book travel, shop and attend school all day, any day of the year, consumer demand for easier access to medical care can come as no surprise.
Salaries soar for doctors, so why aren't they happy?Doctors' pay is slowly but steadily improving, Medicare’s sustainable growth rate is a thing of the past and demand for primary care physicians is surging under the Affordable Care Act. So why aren’t doctors happier when it comes to their salaries?
Buying versus leasing How to make the right choiceA sound financial decision on real estate and equipment requires considering unique circumstances.
Practical solutions to combat high-deductible headachesThere are answers to dealing with patient problems while protecting the bottom line.
2016 Financial PlaybookWith physician pay on the rise by some measures, now is a good time for doctors to take stock of how to keep more of those dollars in their pocket.
12 strategies to improving prior authorizations
Tips for battling prior authorizationsHow approval hassles for ordering tests or prescribing drugs can get in the way of caring for patients.