Stop suggesting physicians are ‘bought’ through pharma giftsSeeing a dollar amount next to a physician’s name without context is a dangerous practice
Top risks and rewards of ACOsBeing part of an ACO can ease quality reporting burdens, but may also carry financial risk for member practices
How physicians can stabilize revenuePhysician practices are facing confusion and frustration due to the shift to value-based care and the ever-rising cost of care. Physicians seeking to stabilize their revenue amidst this chaos typically find themselves facing several challenges.
Navigating the rocky financial road aheadStrategies for handling the early-year cash crunch
How to assemble the right financial team to assist your practiceWhy physicians need financial advisers, attorneys and bankers
How to provide patients the up-front price of treatmentPhysicians should consider revealing prices to meet.
Is partnership still worth it for physicians?In today’s market, partnerships come with a number of risks and uncertainties, leading physicians to question whether they truly want to be tied to a practice for the long term.
Physicians ready practices for 2018 MACRA rule
Physicians ready practices for 2018 MACRA ruleMedical groups, experts weigh in on Medicare payments for 2020.
Are you ready for MACRA?  Scorecards can help
Are you ready for MACRA? Scorecards can helpWith Congress attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and with the president issuing executive actions to roll back portions of the ACA, some in the medical community have been wondering whether the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) also faces an uncertain future.
Doctors gain from the advantages of both active and passive investingThe debate between active investment strategies, meaning hands-on investing with a portfolio manager’s help to beat the market, and passive investment, holding onto securities through the market’s ups and downs, is unlikely to subside any time soon.