Where is the future of primary care headed?While the transition may be rocky, primary care physicians are poised to take a leading role as care models change
Here is the PCP crisis solution and it's simple
Here is the PCP crisis solution and it's simpleThere is a primary care crisis in the United States. We know it because patients only get 8-12 minutes with their primary care physician (PCP) who interrupts them within about 18 seconds and never fully listens to them. Patients are sent for tests, given a prescription or referred to the specialist even though the PCP could—with more time—have figured out the problem without a test, prescription or referral.
How physicians can make smarter education deductions
How physicians can make smarter education deductionsMost physicians are familiar with the necessity of Continuing Medical Education (CPE), although many ignore the impact of education on the medical practice’s employees -- one of the major assets of any practice.
Tips for understanding how doctors are compensated
Tips for understanding how doctors are compensatedMany doctors emerge from their medical training with little knowledge of what and how they are paid. It seems counterintuitive that, after such extensive education, physicians still need to learn about something so fundamental that will affect the rest of their professional lives.
The danger of waiving co-insuranceDespite warnings being issued frequently during the years since 1998, and despite the discussion of this issue during any Medicare training you might attend, there are still healthcare businesses that believe they can get by with waiving co-pays without a policy requiring a hardship evaluation.
Insurance companies can be lousy advocatesA critique of the role of an insurance company, payer, exchange or entitlement program
Top 8 most-read articles of 2016
Top 8 most-read articles of 2016We’ve rounded up our most popular articles from the past year, and each one not only had a big impact when they were published, they continue to prove their staying power through the continued conversations they still create on social media.
Locum tenens offers wellpaying change of pace workAttractive to early- and late-career physicians as well as those with nomadic streak
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2017
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2017For the fourth consecutive year, Medical Economics reveals its list of obstacles physicians will face in the coming year and, more importantly, how to overcome them.
5 ways missing a payment deadline hurts physiciansBetween patient appointments, running a practice, trying to fit in continuing education and dealing with personal obligations, staying on top of bills can be challenging.