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Ophthalmology Times and the Grande Financial Services Inc. are pleased to announce an addition to its collaboration. Together, we are launching this Money Matters financial educational landing page. In this video, you'll learn about five key estate planning documents–four of which everyone should have.

An investment plan takes into account long-term financial goals. Use this interactive tool as a first step to beginning a personal investment plan. 

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Increase returns with alternative investmentsThe question was asked how to use alternative investments to protect assets and let them grow at the same time. The Grandes respond: as assets grow, expand the asset classes that are invested into. Theoretically, this lowers risk while increasing the expected rate of return. This is accomplished by reducing the overall volatility of a portfolio. Structured products do offer a viable solution to investing in hard-to-reach assets.
Reducing risks while planning for above-average returnsCo-editors of Money Matters attempt to outline most of the risks and rewards of bank loan funds and help answer question on how bank loan funds may be used.
Planning for retirement requires balancing savings, lifestyleIt is extremely important to get a sense of confidence in your planning, because it not only affects your future, but has an impact on your life right now.
Determine what options are best for you: private accounts or pooled accounts?Ultimately, both individually managed accounts and mutual funds have their proper place among today's investment alternatives.
Develop a sound investment strategy for retirement goalsManagers can beat their benchmark in one of two ways: they can take on more or less risk than the benchmark (beta), or they can simply pick stocks in good sectors (alpha).
Laddered bond portfolio helps investors reach new heightsQ. With the current volatility of the stock market, I am tempted to buy bonds. However, I am not sureif I should keep my fundsin a money marketaccount or attempt toreceive higher interestby purchasing long-term corporate or government bonds. Do you have any recommendations?
Prenuptial agreements simplify the divorce processQ: My recent divorce calls for a settlement that includes part of my IRA assets. What is the best method to accomplish the transfer?
Alternative investment strategies can offer significant ROIMost people do not have to be reminded of how it feels to witness their investment portfolios declining by up to 30% in 2000 and 2001. Knowing that you are not alone does little to remedy the feelings of loss.