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Ophthalmology Times and the Grande Financial Services Inc. are pleased to announce an addition to its collaboration. Together, we are launching this Money Matters financial educational landing page. In this video, learn about Grande Financial Services and what this page hopes to provide physicians.

An investment plan takes into account long-term financial goals. Use this interactive tool as a first step to beginning a personal investment plan. 

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Money Matters Ophthalmology

5 steps to help create an estate planWhile many put off estate planning because it can be difficult, there are several tips one can follow that can make the process less stressful.
Piecing together your retirement puzzleWhen meeting with pre-retirees as well as current retirees, one of the most common areas of concern, apprehension, and (at times) outright fear, is whether they will run out of money during retirement.
Investing enters new world orderBased on our experience over the years, we believe the rules of investing and planning for retirement that one can feel confident in have changed forever.
Establish realistic retirement incomeWhether you're in or near retirement, keeping a watchful eye on your spending can be pivotal in determining whether your funds will last at least as long as you do.
Finances: Discover exchange-traded fundsUnderstand exchange-traded funds and why you may want one.
Mutual funds: Seeing is not believingGetting in and out of a mutual fund at the wrong time is generally accounted for by the psychology behind an investor's behavior.
The 'perfect financial storm' of the centuryThe state of the economy is due to several factors including residential real estate, credit-default swaps, and the price of oil along with other increasing commodity prices. Although no two downturns or recessions are ever identical, there is strong historical support for maintaining a long-term view of your portfolio.
Increase returns with alternative investmentsThe question was asked how to use alternative investments to protect assets and let them grow at the same time. The Grandes respond: as assets grow, expand the asset classes that are invested into. Theoretically, this lowers risk while increasing the expected rate of return. This is accomplished by reducing the overall volatility of a portfolio. Structured products do offer a viable solution to investing in hard-to-reach assets.
Reducing risks while planning for above-average returnsCo-editors of Money Matters attempt to outline most of the risks and rewards of bank loan funds and help answer question on how bank loan funds may be used.
Planning for retirement requires balancing savings, lifestyleIt is extremely important to get a sense of confidence in your planning, because it not only affects your future, but has an impact on your life right now.