How the new budget deal affects physicians
How the new budget deal affects physiciansBob Doherty of the ACP breaks down the major healthcare implications of the government's funding plan.
Top 5 locations physician salaries are declining
Top 5 locations physician salaries are decliningWe told you the top 10 most in demand metros for physicians, as well as the top 10 metros doctors are getting the biggest pay raises, but what about the worst places for physicians who are looking for a salary bump?
3 modern financial tips for new attending physiciansCongratulations on becoming a new attending. To jump-start your career, you'll find innovative ways to save on student loan payments, protect yourself with essential insurance products and supercharge your retirement savings.
The next malpractice crisis? Failure to recommend genetic testing could put doctors at risk
Understanding the need for long-term disability insuranceSecuring LTD coverage can be complicated, confusing and expensive. But insurance experts, advisers and physicians who’ve suffered injury or illness all agree: Doctors need it.
Make CCM work for your practiceWith the right preparation, chronic care management can create additional revenue
Outsourcing CCMFor practices without the resources to meet the billing requirements for chronic care management, outsourcing can obtain some of code’s clinical and financial benefits.
Tips to retain clinical talent through high-performance teamsIn the complicated healthcare system in the U.S., one thing remains clear: retaining the clinical talent needed to deliver high-quality patient care is essential.
Coding Case Study: Documenting and coding asthmaIn our Coding Case Studies, we will explore the correct coding for a specific condition based on a hypothetical clinical scenario.
How to utilize a sophisticated medical risk model in estate planningJust as the medical profession strives to manage health and disease risks to ensure sound health, the estate planning profession strives to manage risks to ensure a client and his or her family's financial health and wellbeing.