Changing moles in teens
Changing moles in teensMole count in adolescents predictor of melanoma. Sun exposure habits develop in teen years. Prevent melanoma through sun protection. Reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies.
Protein p15 may influence melanoma progressionBecause mole melanocytes have high levels of p15 while it’s depleted in melanomas, knowing P15 status may in the future help clinicians better diagnose ambiguous biopsies.
Military personnel have high risk of skin cancerMembers of the military have a high risk of contracting skin cancer, due in part to the climates where they are deployed, recent research suggests. And only a small portion of service members is aware of the risks of sun exposure.
Studies link skin moles to breast cancer riskIn separate studies, researchers in France and the United States have found that the more moles a woman has, the greater her risk of breast cancer.