Mohs surgery

Who gets sued: Managed care or me?Much has been written and discussed over the last decade about accountability, particularly as it applies to the issue of liability for medical decision making in the care and treatment of healthcare plan enrollees and beneficiaries.
First do no Mohs harmAn expert advises evaluating each patient’s surrounding circumstances when determining whether Mohs surgery is indicated.
How to weigh benefit of Moh'sMohs surgery experts advise when Mohs is and isn’t optimal skin cancer treatment.
Disruptive technologies expand NMSC tx optionsMinimally invasive radiation therapy techniques may be viable alternatives for treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers in a variety of situations.
Should dermatologists offer EBT?Electronic surface brachytherapy is a low-energy radiation treatment for skin cancer. Radiologists are required to administer the treatment, which is controversial in terms of reimbursement and collaborative requirements.
Collaborative surgical approach optimal for SCC managementMohs dermatologists and other surgeons should collaborate in the treatment of patients with squamous cell carcinoma to improve patient survival and recurrence rates, according to an expert who presented an outcomes poster at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.
What Mohs surgeons don't know about the Affordable Care ActAn unscientific survey of 159 Mohs dermatologic surgeons finds that many don’t fully understand the ramifications of healthcare reform spawned by the Affordable Care Act, according to a speaker who presented the findings Saturday at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.
Google Glass useful for Mohs surgeryGoogle Glass technology can be useful as a hands-free camera/video recorder, as well as for live-streaming of techniques and approaches. And it can transmit live video to an in-office iPad so patients can view hard-to-reach areas or even watch their own surgical procedures, according to an abstract presented this weekend at the 2014 ASDS Annual Meeting.
Latest updates on advanced BCC treatment researchAdvanced basal cell carcinoma (aBCC) is a term used to describe a subset of basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) that have extensive, invasive or metastatic involvement; are located near vital and sensitive areas; or are recurrent despite multiple treatments. The diagnosis of aBCC is dependent on many patient specific factors, some of which are subjective and may be open to interpretation by both the patient and provider.
Dermatopathology sits in healthcare reform crosshairsIf dermatologists don’t more effectively police themselves, experts say, they may lose their ability to perform in-office dermatopathology. Dermatopathology also faces competitive pressures and aggressive fee reductions, these experts add.