mitomycin C

Touch-up techniques following SMILEResearch shows that enhancement rates after LASIK range from approximately 7.8% to 20%, with regression of approximately 1 diopter after 10 years.
Transplantation/Vascular Surgery: Emergence of robotic donor nephrectomyThe emergence of robot-assisted laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (RLDN) and new findings regarding renal transplant patients' cancer risk highlight the discussions of transplantation/vascular surgery discussions at this year's AUA meeting.
Modified Anduze technique improves pterygium surgical outcomesAvoiding use of mitomycin C on the scleral bed during pterygium extraction is a modification of the Anduze bare scleral approach.
Mitomycin C: Prophylactic, therapeutic, creative benefitsMitomycin C, when used in accordance with the approved guidelines, can be beneficial but can cause haze with long exposures and higher concentrations.
MMC injections may end cycle of contracture Tx failuresIn patients with recurrent bladder neck contractures, history often repeats itself with multiple surgeries and poor outcomes, but reconstructive urologists are now hopeful they have a better solution.