Immune mechanisms in allergic eye diseaseOcular allergy affects the quality of life of millions of people every year. Understanding the different mechanisms involved will increase their future therapeutic options.
Exploring ocular demodicosis in chronic blepharitisBy knowing the signs and symptoms of Demodex, ophthalmologists can better diagnose and offer treatments for blepharitis.
Tea tree oil proposed for blepharitisThough there is scant research to guide treatment, tea tree oil shampoo might successfully improve some cases of blepharitis, according to two physicians at the Eye Unit, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, United Kingdom.
Rosacea: Newer topical therapies are effective and well-tolerated
Rosacea: Newer topical therapies are effective and well-toleratedEmerging therapies for rosacea have a favorable side effect profile and address specific symptoms of the condition; brimonidine, for example, addresses background erythema while ivermectin addresses the papules and pustules.
Why has Demodex gone viral?Although the Demodex mite is not a recent discovery, you might not realize that by the rapid rise of demodex in the ophthalmic professional sphere. From peer-reviewed journal articles to lectures at professional meetings to chatter on the exhibit hall floor to thought-leader informational videos, Demodex has been a popular topic for the past 12-18 months.
Diagnosing DemodexMinimizing Demodex mite populations on the lids contribute toward a pro-inflammatory environment of the lids. Eliminating parasitic overpopulation in the lids and lashes decreases inflammation and provides a healthier environment for the ocular surface to function at its best.
VIDEO: Overview of DemodexIn the fifth video of our series on Demodex, Dr. Milton Hom provides additional insight about his experiences with diagnosing, treating and managing this clinical presentation.
VIDEO: Practice management for DemodexIn the fourth of our video series on Demodex, Dr. Mario Gutierrez offers practice management suggestions in treating patients with the mite. Plus, he gets into a mite-killing mood.