Four things to know about your millennial workforceHow actively engaging millennials can help manage healthcare staffing challenges.
Five ways to ensure millennials pay their medical billsNew TransUnion analysis explores millennial healthcare payment behavior.
Sharing is caring: Millennial patients and social mediaNot only is the selfie generation happy to share, but they could be the secret to social media success.
Four priorities your health plan must embrace to thrive in the future
Four priorities your health plan must embrace to thrive in the futureHealth plans of the future will focus on consumers: designing products, care and services to support improved health.
10 tips to better manage millennialsBy 2020, millennials will make up 50 percent of optometrists’ patient bases, and they’ll have up to $1.4T in spending power, says Thuy-Lan Nguyen. She spoke about managing millennial patients and staff at SECO 2017.
Designing healthcare in the age of millennials, Baby Boomers
Designing healthcare in the age of millennials, Baby BoomersIt’s not easy being a doctor in such a transitional period of American healthcare. Practices are pressured with consumer-driven demands from a wider patient-demographic than ever before.
Cosmetic surgery according to Millennials
Cosmetic surgery according to MillennialsThe younger generation couldn’t be more different from their Baby Boomer counterparts. Are you ready for the Millennial takeover?
Why isn’t healthcare ready for millennials?
Why isn’t healthcare ready for millennials?In April, baby boomers passed the crown as the largest living generation to millennials, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There are now more Americans between the ages of 18-34 than those aged 51-69.
A little goes a long way with millennialsDermatologist Rachel Pritzker, M.D., describes the motivations and treatment nuances of the next generation of cosmetic surgery patients.
Understanding millennial patients and staffMillennials, also known as Generation Y, can drive Generation Xers and baby boomers crazy. Many Gen Xers and Boomers don’t embrace those young, fresh faces because their approach to life is so foreign.