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How to make health apps valuable for physicians and patientsEven if physicians aren’t convinced that mobile health (mHealth) apps are worthwhile, many of their patients are.
Four Best Practices to Help Prevent Healthcare CyberattacksA new report from Radware has shocking findings about the healthcare industry’s low preparedness levels for cyberthreats. Here’s 4 ways to get ready.
Diabetes and mHealth: Use, reimbursement, future outlookMobile health (mHealth) offers new ways to empower patients with diabetes in caring for themselves and making decisions that support their health.
Seven wearable devices health execs should watchSome of the newest wearable devices on the market look very different than the wristbands that launched the industry just a few years ago.
Eight ways managed care should be using mHealthLearning to use mobile health or mhealth is a critical advantage to providing the highest return on investment for plans and providers.
Mobile health reduces CVD risk behaviorsAn American Heart Association Scientific Statement about the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of using mobile health technologies to reduce CVD risk behaviors was the cornerstone of the presentation of Lora E. Burke, PhD at the AHA meeting.
Five ways your physicians should use mobile devicesMobile devices are becoming a very real part of the healthcare journey. Are your physicians making the most of their capabilities?
Prescribing mobile apps: What to considerMobile health (mHealth) is a confusing landscape, to be sure. IMS Health, which rates mHealth apps and provides a formal mechanism for app prescribing, estimates there are 63,000 health apps in the Apple and Google stores. The number and variety make it difficult for physicians to find and recommend the good ones. As a result, prescribing mHealth apps is new to most physicians.
What healthcare executives should know about mHealthMobile health (mhealth) has many benefits for patient care, but lack of oversight and regulatory concerns could raise problems.
Ten great apps for healthcare executives
Ten great apps for healthcare executives