MHE commentary

Determining the best approach to consolidation in healthcarePayers and providers must consider the key differences between two consolidation models: "horizontal consolidations" and "vertical consolidations." Here's why.
Four ways managed care executives can advance interoperabilityManaged healthcare executives can set the table for future economic expansion of interoperability capabilities by following a few simple, straightforward tips.
New regulatory guidance for health insurersThe National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently released “guidance” on cybersecurity. Here's what healthcare executives should know.
How precision medicine improves chronic disease management
How precision medicine improves chronic disease managementIf we can accurately understand each patient’s risk for disease, we can create more nuanced preventive care plans and better invest our resources.
Five ways hospitals are helping patients find health coverageTo survive, hospital executives must find new and creative ways to help uninsured and low-income patients secure health insurance.
Four reasons MCOs should outsource administrative tasksBy working with service providers that are employing robotics and advanced analytics, organizations can leverage automation and innovation to address key challenges.
Cancer management demands evidence-based treatmentPlans tackle cancer care
5 tips for fine-tuning your ACOTransform care through innovative payment strategies
Be aware of data mining risksWhen aggregating analytics, compliance considerations must be taken into account
Should patients be accountable for poor health choices?Why care and communication must be a two-way street with patients, providers