MHE commentary

Four steps to a successful healthcare M&A strategyHealthcare organizations must better incorporate change management and cultural integration into their M&A strategy. Here's how.
How to protect your organization against a HIPAA breachClearly, healthcare organizations need to be prepared for a cyber breach. The question, then, is: What steps should we take now to prepare?
Preparing for change: How does your health system stack up?How does your health system compare to others when it comes to new initiatives? Recent survey findings from HFMA might provide some answers.
Five ways to control Medicaid super user costsHow do we reverse the trend of super users and reduce costs for this small, unique pool of members? Here are some tips.
Use reimbursement science to improve coverage decisionsCoverage decisions about new technologies, including access and cost considerations, are a major challenge for public and private payers.
Five ways your physicians should use mobile devicesMobile devices are becoming a very real part of the healthcare journey. Are your physicians making the most of their capabilities?
The countdown to King v. BurwellAny day now, the Supreme Court will decide the highly anticipated King v. Burwell, which will determine the viability of a central mechanism of the Affordable Care Act.
Improve communication at your healthcare system: 3 tipsHere are three ways to help your organization improve the patient experience through better communication between healthcare staff and patients.
How retail medicine lost its wayIf most patients are not going to exceed their deductible in a given year, they are now “consumers” and are looking for differentiators that offer fixed fee care.
Ten things healthcare executives should know about 'the cloud'Here are 10 things managed healthcare executives should know about cloud computing and how it could impact their organizations.