DEA tightens fentanyl schedulingDue to the increased use of illicit fentanyl mixed with heroin and used in counterfeit prescription drugs, the DEA placed all illicit fentanyl analogues not already regulated by the Controlled Substances Act into Schedule I.
Top 6 new facts on drug overdosesDeaths from drug overdoses are the leading cause of injury death in the United States, ahead of deaths linked to motor vehicles and firearms, according to the new 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA), released by the Drug Enforcement Administration.
Pseudoephedrine primer: Federal and state regulationsFederal and state laws impose limits on the amount of pseudoephedrine a person may buy and a pharmacy may sell. Your state's limits may be more strict than the limits imposed by the feds.
Indiana county “disaster” after HIV outbreakIndiana Governor Mike Pence declared rural Scott County a public health disaster after it realized a spike in HIV cases linked to intravenous prescription drug abuse.
Blepharitis diagnosis may lead to formicationFormication, a sensation that resembles that of insects crawling on or under the skin, is a specific form of the general set of abnormal skin sensations known as paresthesias (prickling, tingling sensation of "pins and needles") and tactile hallucinations; it is a well-documented symptom that has numerous possible causes.
Pharmacy tracking has not slowed Tennessee meth productionNot much has changed in the two years since Tennessee went on the NPLEx system and began tracking -- and blocking -- purchases of cold medications containing pseudoephedrine.
Feds investigating Rite Aid pseudoephedrine salesThe U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating pseudoephedrine sales at Rite Aid stores throughout West Virginia, according to a published report.