Why Every Pharmacist Should Care About the CVS/Aetna Deal
Why Every Pharmacist Should Care About the CVS/Aetna DealEven if it doesn't happen, the deal says a lot about the current and future states of pharmacy.
Merger Failure: New Industry Direction?
Merger Failure: New Industry Direction?The failed Rite Aid/Walgreens merger might mean the end of business as usual.
How payer mega-merger failures affect healthcare consolidation trendsHere’s how experts say the blocked Aetna-Humana and Anthem-Cigna mergers will affect consolidation among payers and providers.
Walgreens/Rite Aid Merger Amended and ExtendedThe merger agreement between Walgreens and Rite Aid has been modified and extended by six months. The combined company will have to divest an addition 200 stores and the price per common share that Walgreens is offering has gone down.
What you need to know about the Essilor-Luxottica deal
What Obamacare market exits mean for physician practicesWhat payers ditching plans means for your practice—and why finding solutions for handling collections has become vital.
Will Aetna, Humana merger go through?
Will Aetna, Humana merger go through?Despite concessions, DOJ on mission to block merger of health insurers.
What should dermatologists do when a merger beckons?Many dermatologists are approached by parties interested in acquiring a practice. Knowing ahead of time what questions you should ask—and how to answer their questions—can turn a simple inquiry by them into a wealth of information for you.
Crucial considerations for partnership or saleUse this list to ensure that you are considering the fundamental criteria before entering into a partnership.
M&A outlook for payers and providers
M&A outlook for payers and providersA glimpse into the present and future of healthcare industry mergers and acquisitions