FDA approves morcellation containment systemThe FDA approves the first containment system for morcellation. Plus: ASRM provides guidance for Zika virus. And, the impact of HRT timing and its impact on cardiovascular disease.
Impact of menopause on migraine frequencyDo women suffer from more migraines as they transition into menopause? Plus: A report indicates that hospitals may not be adequately supporting breastfeeding in teenaged mothers. And, a look at prenatal exposure to bronchodilators and autism.
Osteoporosis and periodontal disease in menopauseOsteoporosis and tooth loss are linked in postmenopausal women, a small study finds.
New data show no miscarriage link for HPV vaccinationA new study looks at whether or not the HPV vaccine increases miscarriage risk. And, is there a link between nocturnal enuresis and sleep apnea in postmenopause? Plus: The impact of the Mediterranean diet on breast cancer risk.
Ramifications of pelvic exam guidelinesHave pelvic guideline changes led to a reduction in other recommended screenings? Plus, how does menopause impact future cardiovascular health? And: Does childhood stress lead to negative obstetric outcomes?
Newborn PPH from antidepressant use?Using SSRI late in pregnancy may increase the risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension in a newborn. Plus, hormone therapy may help mood in early postmenopause; use of mesh for prolapse on the rise
Menopause counseling hot flash: Persistent VMS more common in African-Americans and more new researchA review of the latest research on the persistence of vasomotor symptoms, the link between hormone therapy and ovarian cancer risk, and the prevalence of substance use in pregnant adolescents.
Are common chemicals associated with earlier onset of menopause?
Are common chemicals associated with earlier onset of menopause?A study of a representative sample of US women shows a clinically significant association between early menopause and exposure to 15 different endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
Are severe menopause symptoms a bellwether of bone health?
Are severe menopause symptoms a bellwether of bone health?Women with more severe vasomotor symptoms and night sweats may be at risk of having poorer bone health, according to a prospective observational study.
Management of mood and memory problems during menopause
Management of mood and memory problems during menopauseMany women complain of changes in their cognitive function during the menopausal transition. Here's how to tell what's normal and what's not--and how to treat appropriately.