melanoma in situ

Skin cancer advancesGenetic profiling is valuable in both diagnosis and prognosis of skin cancer. Hedgehog inhibitors and (superficial radiation therapy) SRT are strong contenders for treating nonmelanoma skin cancer. Advances in targeted therapies and biologics are part of the new wave of melanoma treatments.
Established dermatologists improve early self-detection of melanomaResults of a new study suggest that having an established dermatologist can make a big difference for patients with self-detected primary melanoma.
Melanoma skyrockets among middle-aged womenA new study demonstrates that while melanoma diagnoses in both men and women are increasing, middle-aged women are being diagnosed with melanoma at staggering rates, alarming researchers.
Digital skin lesion analysis may help dermatologists classify skin lesionsA multispectral digital skin lesion analysis device may be useful in helping clinicians to classify clinically ambiguous lesions, detect early melanomas in young adults, and identify outlier lesions that should be biopsied, according to a collection of posters presented at MauiDerm 2014.