medication synchronization

Three reasons for nonadherenceUncover the root causes of why patients become nonadherent and be better positioned to improve the lives of patients and reduce costs through improved health outcomes.
Synchronized meds boost patient adherence, pharmacy efficiencyWith the industry changing from a pill-centered model to a patient-centered model, med sync becomes more important than ever.
Pharmacists, patients, and meds can all be in synchMedication synchronization: Good for patients, good for business, and good for performance metrics.
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Survey: Med synchronization programs improve adherenceAlmost three-quarters of survey respondents reported that synching their meds improved their medication adherence.
Win-win: How retail pharmacists can help health plans with CMS Star Ratings measuresHealth plans that have not scored at least three stars for the last three consecutive years will be vulnerable to elimination from the Medicare system. Pharmacists are in an ideal position to help with those scores.
2014 VisionariesIndies are adopting new patient-care models that benefit both patients and pharmacy. Three community pharmacists show us how it's done.
Med synchronization through community pharmacies brings greater adherenceNCPA study finds that community pharmacy med-synch programs can improve patients’ medication adherence and boost the pharmacy's bottom line.