medication errors

The Top 4 Medication Errors Your Patients are Making
The Top 4 Medication Errors Your Patients are MakingThe problems your patients have—and what you can do about it.
WHO Launches Program to Reduce Medication ErrorsHow a program hopes to cut errors in half.
As More Canadian Provinces Mandate Error Reporting, U.S. Experts Call for Similar LawsOntario joins Nova Scotia in making medication dispensing error reporting mandatory, but no states have enacted similar laws.
Faulty Drug Interaction Overrides: We Have to Do BetterWe need a system that cries wolf only when a wolf actually appears--not every time a chihuahua dances by.
First Do No HarmThe tools for improving quality are available to almost every pharmacist and pharmacy technician, whose job is to make the system work. But this may be the weakness in pharmacy’s march to quality.
Study Finds Oral Syringes Better for Liquid Pediatric MedsA randomized controlled study has found that oral syringes are more accurate than dosing cups when parents measure doses of liquid medications for their children.
Would shorter pharmacist shifts reduce Rx errors?One state's pharmacy board is debating that issue.
Keys to Minimizing Prescription Drug ErrorsThere are at least three major areas of concern
The red pen rules: How to prevent pharmacy errorAnxious new pharmacists get a shot in the arm from columnist Pete Kreckel, RPh.
Pharmacists take aim at med errors during care transitionsHealthcare has changed, and the emphasis on transitions of care has grown as inpatient and outpatient services are linking up.