medication compliance

Pharmacists Recognized for Cancer Screening EffortsThe FIP awards honored two international pharmacy associations for their recent campaigns.
Top 3 roadblocks to medication adherence and how to avoid themHere are the top three reasons for medication adherence failure and how to overcome them.
More Older Patients Have Medication Troubles Than You Think
More Older Patients Have Medication Troubles Than You ThinkWhat problems your older patients are having (and what you can do about it).
A Strategy to Boost Medication ComplianceLooking for ways to increase medication compliance by challenging patients -- such as the elderly and those with mental illness?
Is a urine-based test the future of cervical cancer screening?A Phase II study examines the efficacy of a urine-based test in screening for cervical cancer. Also, a study looks at whether cost is the reason why some patients do not adhere to breast cancer medications.
Opinion: Mail-order pharmacy market to grow significantlyShifting patient demographics will create an ideal scenario for the online/mail-order pharmacy market in the next five to ten years.
Pharmacist pens story for childrenA spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down — and this children's book should too.
Rethinking asthma: Prevention and management
Rethinking asthma: Prevention and managementDespite significant advances in asthma research and care, the burden of asthma remains high. This article will review a number of different aspects of asthma care that impact the pediatrician.
3 ways pharmacies can build CMS Star RatingsCommunity pharmacies competing with preferred pharmacy networks can sharpen their game by focusing on some of the things they do best.
Automated telephone reminders improve asthma medication complianceCombining speech-recognition software with electronic health records in computerized telephone conversations to remind parents of asthmatic children about prescribed corticosteroids significantly improves adherence to medication, a recent study showed.