medication adherence

How Analytics Can Help Pharmacists Reduce Readmissions
How Analytics Can Help Pharmacists Reduce ReadmissionsPharmacists can help patients—but only the ones they have time to reach.
New App Steers Patients to Independent PharmaciesA new ally in building up independent pharmacies.
Digital pill caps, financial incentives fail med adherenceNeither smart technology like digital pill caps, nor financial incentives, significantly improved patients’ medication adherence, a study shows.
CVS Aims to Simplify Med Management
CVS Aims to Simplify Med ManagementThe new ScriptPath Prescription Schedule system is expected to help patients and pharmacists.
Pharmacists Recognized for Cancer Screening EffortsThe FIP awards honored two international pharmacy associations for their recent campaigns.
Casting Doubt: Are Compound Interventions Effective?How can we better engage patients for greater adherence rates?
Up to 26% of Hospital Readmissions are Preventable and Medication-BasedA new study looks at how pharmacists can prevent medication-related admissions.
Top four approaches to reduce pharmaceutical costs
Top four approaches to reduce pharmaceutical costsMCOs are fighting back against rising pharmaceutical costs. Here are the top strategies they are embracing.
Three ways technology is improving pharmacyTechnology advances in pharmacy include innovations that improve medication safety, efficiency, and patient compliance.
Top 3 roadblocks to medication adherence and how to avoid themHere are the top three reasons for medication adherence failure and how to overcome them.