medical liability

Is federal medical liability reform possible?Over the past few years, progress has clearly been made with regard to the professional liability crisis.
JAC 2017: IPAB repeal, liability reform see renewed focusTwo topics of particular relevance at the 2017 Joint Advocacy Conference were IPAB repeal and medical liability reform, both of which have legislative initiatives currently gaining momentum in Congress.
Floridas suicide ruling puts physicians at riskDecision could hold doctors liable for something they have little control over
Breast density laws: Are you in compliance?
Breast density laws: Are you in compliance?Meant to alert women that breast cancer may be more difficult to detect, the laws confuse physicians and patients alike.
Professionalism in social media is a balancing actTo establish and maintain a professional medical image in social media, pay careful attention to the content of posts. Be aware that social media content is admissible as evidence in courts of law.
Cardiologists need to engage in tort reformMedical liability concerns still rate high on the list of concerns by cardiologists, despite State tort reforms in the past decade that have resulted in fewer claims made against physicians and subsequent decreased malpractice insurance pricing.
Referrals and liability: What primary care physicians need to knowPrimary care physicians (PCPs) often refer patients to specialists when they face a complicated or perplexing diagnosis, or one that is beyond their purview. But is that always the right decision for the patient? Some experts say that it absolutely is, but others say knowing the patient is more valuable than being an expert in one specific area.
Medical malpractice: Rate of paid claims has fallen since 2002Authors in JAMA analysis argue that emerging models of medical liability should help fix a "stable but still dysfunctional" malpractice environment for physicians and patients
Medical Liability and Laser TreatmentsDoes your medical liability insurance increase when you incorporate laser procedures in practice? David Goldberg, M.D., J.D., offers his legal expertise during the Laser Roundtable at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2014. Michael Gold, M.D., asks about the legal benefits of patients signing waivers for at-home device treatments.