New products: Holmium laser increases stone ablation volumeOther products discussed include cancer tests, an app to connect patients with specialists, a revenue management system, and more
New Products: Hybrid basket, grabber provides capture, release of multiple stone sizesOther products discussed include a stent system for treating ureteral obstructions, a male infertility test, and more.
Uro Pipeline: Data from mUC combination therapy suggests efficacy, safetyOther pipeline developments discussed include a bladder cancer test, a male infertility assay, and the first oral dosage treatment for hypogonadism.
Experimental prostate Ca urinary test outperforms PSAThe three-gene expression assay could “reduce hundreds of thousands of invasive biopsies each year,” a study author says.
Markers redefining prostate cancer careIn this interview, Daniel W. Lin, MD, discusses the practical use of currently available molecular and genomic tests, cost and reimbursement considerations, the role of MRI, and what the future holds for biomarkers.
Uro Pipeline: 1st patients treated in phase III study of investigational BPH TxOther pipeline products discussed in this article include an immunotherapy for metastatic bladder cancer, a treatment for lower urinary tract symptoms of BPH, and an investigational clear cell renal cell carcinoma treatment.
Product Preview: Agreement reached for phase III clinical trial of bladder Ca agentIn this installment of "Product Preview," also look for information on products in the pipeline for renal cell carcinoma and interstitial cystitis.
Medicare to cover another prostate Ca testPalmetto GBA, a national contractor that administers Medicare benefits, has issued a positive coverage policy through the MolDX Program for the Decipher prostate cancer classifier, developer GenomeDx Biosciences reported.
New biomarkers address key aspects of prostate Ca managementNew biomarkers for prostate cancer are showing great promise for addressing the limitations of existing diagnostic and prognostic tools, according to opinion leaders who spoke on this topic at the Large Urology Group Practice Association annual meeting in Chicago.
Study: PCa test identifies tumor aggressivenessNew study data confirm the ability of the ConfirmMDx genes to identify prostate cancer aggressiveness in diagnostic biopsies, researchers reported.