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State medical marijuana laws continue to expandMedical marijuana’s therapeutic evidence base remains nascent and controversial but the regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly.
Cannabinoid-based drug pipeline shows promise
Cannabinoid-based drug pipeline shows promiseNew treatment indications are under investigation for the use of cannabinoid-based drugs.
Cannabinoid-based drug pipeline grows: 4 ways to prepareNew treatment indications are under investigation for the use of cannabinoid-based drugs. Are you ready?
Medical marijuana: An oxymoron and a risk to fetusesIt's never appropriate in pregnancy, says our editor in chief.
Talking to teens about marijuanaThe expanding number of states legalizing marijuana for medical and/or recreational use reflects a growing acceptance of the drug in the United States as an alternative therapy for specific medical conditions as well as a perceived legitimate drug for recreational use more akin to alcohol or cigarettes than heroin or cocaine.
Medical marijuana: A new business model for pharmacistsIf you enjoy working one-on-one with patients and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this might just be for you.
Should marijuana be indicated for glaucoma?
Should marijuana be indicated for glaucoma?A recent editorial in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) raised some questions about the indications for medical marijuana, which vary greatly by state.
Marijuana legalization puts kids in harm’s wayWhile debates about marijuana legalization tend to center on morality, commerce, or political party guidelines, a new study reveals a bigger issue that directly affects millions of US children.
Marijuana’s role in optometry and beyondBob Prouty, OD, FAAO, educated a packed house at the American Optometirc Association’s Optometry’s Meeting on marijuana’s use in and outside of eye care.
Marijuana and optometry: Practicing post-legalization
Marijuana and optometry: Practicing post-legalizationIn honor of the unofficial stoner holiday—April 20—we wondered how the legalization of marijuana in some states has affected optometrists.