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Speaking to the media: 7 tips for executivesHere are seven tips healthcare leaders must keep in mind when speaking to the press.
What makes a good optical manager?When vetting candidate for an optical manager position, it is often more important to identify managers with the right leadership profile than those with technical competence.
Combatting unsolicited advice from your staff
Combatting unsolicited advice from your staffEveryone has an opinion, but are clinic managers prepared to listen to what staff has to say? ponders Dianna Graves.
Leading during change: Tips for managed care executives
Leading during change: Tips for managed care executivesAs a healthcare executive, leading your organization through today’s rapidly changing business environment means tackling serious issues. Here's how to do it right.
Clinic staff often creates its own chaos through behaviorManagers can teach staff many skills but often the most difficult lesson for employees to learn is they need to be aware of the chaos they consciously or unconsciously create.
Three secrets to successful healthcare mergers, acquisitionsOrganizations that want to achieve deal success should try to focus on three areas: planning, organizational change, and target management.
Running a perfect clinicAs staff members develop in new roles, managers should coach and counsel them in the direction where they are thinking and making decisions in a global manner, not an individual manner.
Physician writing contest: Finding solutions for physiciansMedical Economics wants to help physicians compete and win against the multitude of management challenges facing physicians in 2014. That’s why we are introducing a new contest asking physicians to share their stories, strategies, and approaches to fighting a myriad of management challenges.
Four strategies to build a hassle-free practicePhysicians can implement these workflow strategies at their practices to put the focus back on patient care and to better delegate care functions to clinical staff.