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Is your scribe raising your risk of a malpractice lawsuit?
Transplanted kidney found to be cancerous; patient sues
Informed consent: A medicolegal guide for urologistsInformed consent in medicine generally refers to one of two things: the process by which a provider obtains consent through discussion of risks, benefits, and alternatives with patients, and the actual form that is signed by the physician and the patient. Both are critical pieces to any medical malpractice litigation where a claim for lack of informed consent has been pled.
Telephone triage can jeopardize patient safety, lead to litigation
Telephone triage can jeopardize patient safety, lead to litigationLawsuits involving telephone triage tend to allege failure in a physician’s duty to treat, abandonment of the patient, or provision of sub-standard care.
Missed kidney cancer diagnosis leads to death, legal action
Circumcision requiring revision surgery prompts lawsuitOther cases discussed in this column include ureter damage during hysterectomy, failure to follow up on kidney mass, and incontinence following pelvic organ prolapse surgery.
How surgical time-outs may (or may not) lower litigation risk
Patient sues after stapler misfire leads to rectal tear
How patient obesity can impact malpractice litigation
How patient obesity can impact malpractice litigationWith the New Year being associated with resolutions of improved health and fitness and reducing the number on the scale, it seems a particularly appropriate time to share some information about how obesity impacts urologic care and treatment, and the impact of obesity on malpractice litigation.
Top 5 malpractice articles of 2016Discussion of cases involving alleged delay in testis cancer diagnosis, bowel perforation during robotic radical prostatectomy, and arterial injury during nephrectomy were among the most read “Malpractice Consult” articles from 2016.