male cosmetic surgery

The man factorAre male patients becoming a bigger part of the cosmetic procedure pie? Yes, according to statistics and industry experts, but it’s complicated.
The male facelift patient is differentNew approaches and a rethinking of aesthetic goals now allow for an effective rejuvenation of the male face, while preserving a natural, masculine appearance.
Strategic blepharoplasty in the male patientUpper eyelid surgery should be done very conservatively in male patients so as not to overly change the male appearance.
Tapping the male marketOne plastic surgeon shares insights and strategy for successfully increasing the male patient base in your cosmetic practice.
Muscle dysmorphia among men
Muscle dysmorphia among menCharacterized by the obsession to gain muscle and lose fat, this form of BDD is on the rise among men.
No brow lifts for 'handsome' menIt may run counter to popular opinion, but Dr. Chasby Sacks shares his observation that brow lifts may leave some men less attractive.
All men not created equalOne surgeon shares his strategy for significantly boosting his male patient base.
Targeting male patients in 4 simple stepsCan you can attract male patients without spending thousands of dollars on additional marketing strategies? Yes, says one industry expert. All it takes is a little know-how and these 4 simple steps.
Surgical nuances of the male patient
Surgical nuances of the male patientFrom the male psyche to surgical incision placement, Dr. Joe Niamtu, III, helps you get to know your potential male patients.
Cryolipolysis for pseudogynecomastiaA new study examines off-label use of CoolSculpting to treat enlarged male breasts. Could it be a viable option?