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7 things physicians need to know about MACRA proposed rule
7 things physicians need to know about MACRA proposed ruleThe federal government is about to transform the way physicians are paid by Medicare
Pharma industry must adopt value-driven perspective: Providers and health plans aren’t the only industry groups affected by the shift to value-based care. It’s time for pharma to get in on the action.
Critical mistakes to avoid in value-based payment modelsAs alternative payment models gain traction, payers and providers must take the appropriate steps to thrive.
‘Fee for service is going away’: What it really meansSince graduating from medical school, one of the most prevalent commentaries I have heard about health policy is “Fee-for-service is going away.” Depending on the commentator’s level of cynicism, that would be followed with either “You won’t be able to make a living in medicine anymore” or the milder “It’ll be interesting to see what happens.” Read more on Dr. Kaplan's insight on fee-for-service and what it means.
MACRA will drive value-based reimbursement momentumDuring the keynote session at the Advanced Payment Models in Healthcare Conference 2016, PwC experts shared how MACRA legislation will affect reimbursement.
Alternative payment models: Top 4 trends to watchThe 2016 Alternative Payment Models in Healthcare Conference 2016 is shedding light on which healthcare payment and delivery changes are evolving into large-scale, long-lasting solutions.
Finding the best MACRA rout to provider reimbursement
Finding the best MACRA rout to provider reimbursement
MACRA reforms are coming, but devil is in the detailsNo physician knows with certainty what payment tactics Medicare will actually be offering physicians, because CMS actually has not decided them yet. Thus the devil will be in the details. Here is what CMS must do.
Three ways to establish a value-focused organizationFrom changing leadership to new payment models, find out what to expect and how to succeed in 2016.