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An easy guide to MACRA’s reporting optionsInfographic showing everything doctors need to know about MACRA's reporting options.
Congress continues down the yellow brick fantasy road with MACRA
Congress continues down the yellow brick fantasy road with MACRAWhile Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupting federal and state governments because of deep structural flaws, our Congress refuses to address these flaws and to learn from its past mistakes.
MACRA won’t kill private practice says CMS’ SlavittNew Medicare reimbursement rules will focus on uniqueness of independent practices vs. single them out, says administrator.
GOP Doctors Caucus: We’ll fix MACRA if CMS won’tAs they analyze the 2,398-page final rule revamping Medicare reimbursement, Republican physician lawmakers say they will, if needed, intervene to improve the regulations for the nation’s physicians.
Top risks for doctors under MACRAThe risk for physicians is real, but solutions do exist.
Will your system be ready for EHRs and Medicare reform?Federal reimbursement changes are coming, so physicians need to ensure that data collection tools are up to the task.
Is MACRA legal?
Is MACRA legal?MACRA, with all of its distractions and fool’s errands, not only interferes with the way we practice, but threatens our compensation if we don’t get with the program.