The Top Six Ways Trump’s Policies Will Impact Pharmacies
The Top Six Ways Trump’s Policies Will Impact PharmaciesHow the new Trump administration will affect everything from the ACA to the FDA.
Pharmacists seek fairness in generics reimbursementPBMs have dodged state-mandated requirements for transparency in generics drug pricing, so many states are rewriting their laws.
Why Medicare wants to compare your coding to other doctorsQ:I received a letter from Medicare stating that I had more 99214s than my cohort of internal medicine providers, and that I needed to correct this in six months. I don’t believe that I’ve done anything wrong. How can they do this?
Tennessee orders PBMs to comply with MAC lawPrescription reimbursements: Tennessee lays down the law.
The Honest Apothecary: "What can we do about skyrocketing generic drug prices?"First of all, take a tip from The Hitchhiker's Guide: Don't panic.
PBM vs. PBA: The pros and cons
PBM vs. PBA: The pros and consIndustry experts weigh the options between a traditional pharmacy benefits manager and a pharmacy benefits administrator.
The PBM squeezeRepercussions of PBM consolidation