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Testosterone Therapy and Cardiovascular Risk

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an Associate Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School, explores and clarify in the February 2015 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the value of testosterone therapy in men, and in particular the issue of cardiovascular risk.

The Lowdown on Low T

Sexual Function/Dysfunction: Mixed results with CCH in Peyronie'sSexual function/dysfunction topics discussed at the 2016 AUA included the findings of multiple studies on the effects of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (Xiaflex) treatment for Peyronie's disease, causes and treatments for ED, along with a study on patient satisfaction with implantable penile prostheses.
TTrials: T therapy improves sexual desire, activityA men’s health expert explains implications of new data and how he will counsel patients.
Long-term TRT use reduces risk of CV events, PCaThere is no excess risk of death, prostate cancer diagnosis, or cardiovascular events with long-term testosterone replacement therapy, Canadian researchers have found in a population-based matched cohort study.
'T' clinics create concerns about care, competitionOne only needs to do a Google search for “testosterone clinic” to realize there’s an explosion of for-profit businesses branded as men’s health establishments, offering what sounds like the fountain of youth to men with “low T” and sexual dysfunction. Unless one of these practices is affiliated with an academic medical center or urology group, there’s a good chance urologists are not part of the picture.
T found beneficial in men 65 years and olderResults from a recently published set of coordinated trials indicate that raising testosterone concentrations offers moderate benefits in sexual function and some benefit on mood and depressive symptoms.
AUA updates testosterone therapy position statementThe AUA has released an updated version of its position statement on testosterone therapy.
TRT not associated with thrombotic events in older menThe association between testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and thrombotic risk in elderly men remains controversial. While the FDA has mandated that all approved testosterone products include warnings about a possible increase in cardiovascular, stroke, and venous blood clot risk, at least one study presented at the AUA annual meeting in New Orleans found no link between TRT and cardiovascular events.
Long-term TRT study refutes concerns about prostate safety
Long-term TRT study refutes concerns about prostate safetyA study of more than 300 men sheds new light on the prostate safety of testosterone replacement therapy.
Dr. Google creates anxiety, opportunityMost health information seekers navigate the Internet for what they think will be the best information available about their health condition or that of a loved one. Unfortunately, the Internet is unfiltered, unregulated, and often saturated with promotional, unsubstantiated, and at times frightening information.
Promoting TRT online: Balanced information lacking
Promoting TRT online: Balanced information lackingPatients taking to the Internet for information about testosterone replacement therapy are likely getting an incomplete picture of the potential risks and adverse effects linked with the treatment, say researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.