lip augmentation

Rhinoplasty affects upper lip projectionMany studies evaluate the relationship between the nose and the upper lip, but this is the first to demonstrate that rhinoplasty can create lip projection.
Attractive vs. artificial lipsResearchers define a mathematical measurement that determines the threshold for artificial lip augmentation results.
Female lip aestheticResearchers are on a quest to determine the ideal female lip aesthetic and its relationship to attractiveness.
SMAS for lips?How effective is lip augmentation with tissue transferred from the SMAS? One plastic surgeon shares his research results.
No-touch lip enhancement
No-touch lip enhancementAvoiding needle injection directly into the mucosa decreases swelling and bruising both during and after the procedure.
Lip service: Optimizing outcomesWhat are the parameters of her ideal lip shape? How do you quantify the outcomes? What if something goes wrong?
Researchers define parameters of ideal lip shape
Researchers define parameters of ideal lip shapeResults of a German study suggest that there are certain parameters that define the ideal shape of the lip and lower facial area for men vs women.
New upper-lip lift techniqueResearchers in China say they have created an innovative method for carrying out an upper-lip lift.
Researchers develop, validate lip-fullness scaleThis is the only validated scale that includes both patient photographs and the female African-American demographic.
KISSES — 6 tips for lips“I spend a lot of time trying to convince patients not to inject their lips,” said Heidi Waldorf, M.D., New York, during her presentation “KISSES — 6 Tips for Lips,” in the minimally invasive/noninvasive session at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2014 recently. “If they really want to do their lips, I tell them we must do the face, or they will look like a skinny, ugly duck,” she said.