Opioid abuse: How it is impacting men’s health"There are direct endocrine consequences of opioid use, including hypogonadism, that adversely impact men’s health," write Michael S. Leapman, MD, and Steven A. Kaplan, MD.
Varicocele: Treatment indications and repair techniquesThis article presents an overview of the pathophysiology of varicoceles and discusses indications for treatment, two primary repair techniques, and treatment outcomes.
New diagnostic tests for male infertility
How postpartum depression can affect new fathersMaternal postpartum depression (PPD) is a widely studied and discussed phenomenon, whereas much less is known about the concept of paternal PPD. Nonetheless, recent studies have indicated that depression in new fathers is a significant public health concern.
HPV infection in men: Prevalence and vaccination coverage
HPV infection in men: Prevalence and vaccination coverage
Men's health: What you may have missed in 2016Our #LetsTalkMensHealth section offers clinical tips on the care of male patients. In 2016, articles in this section tackled a variety of subjects, including the Affordable Care Act, epigenetics and genetics, and BPH and prostate cancer prevention.
Why are middle-aged Caucasian men dying earlier?
The Affordable Care Act: How it has impacted men’s health
The Affordable Care Act: How it has impacted men’s healthThe ACA is a large step forward in allowing men to embrace their health concerns, and for health care practitioners to understand men and the challenge of help seeking, masculinity, and disparity in their quest for wellness (Men’s Health in Primary Care [Current Clinical Practice]. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2016).
Epigenetics and genetics: The future of cost-effective care?The purpose of this article is to provide a clear understanding of the basis for the genetic and epigenetic tools that are increasingly used in medicine, highlight some of these tools currently used in urology, and explain the clinical and medicolegal ramifications of direct-to-consumer tests.
ED, diabetes, and CV risk: Update on treatment, risk reductionIn this article, we review the etiology and pathophysiology of ED in this challenging patient population and provide an approach to treatment and risk reduction via lifestyle modification and pharmacologic intervention.