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The power of what we doIn his debut blog, Arun C. Gulani, MD, recalls the great power of what ophthalmologists can really do for their patients.
Navigating patient perception and teamworkIn her debut blog, Donna Suter, president of Suter Consulting Group, writes why patient perception of your office can be emotion-laden and as quick as a hail storm of controversy because patient care puts you and your team in a fish bowl.
Daydreaming of the perfect practiceIn her debut Blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC, encourages physicians to daydream with their team to create their ideal practice.
In defense of Sen. Rand PaulIn his debut blog, Zack Oakey, MD, defends Sen. Rand Paul's actions against the American Board of Ophthalmology, and challenges his colleagues to do the same.
Caught between a husband and a wife: A cautionary surgical taleIn his debut blog, Dr. Packer writes of a cautionary tale to physicians when stuck between the wants and needs of married patients.