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OD-performed surgery unacceptable, dangerous
OD-performed surgery unacceptable, dangerousIn his latest blog, Zack Oakey, MD, writes why he now believes OD-performed procedures should not be legal.
Office-based surgery coming sooner than you thinkIn his latest blog, Mark Packer, MD, predicts why performing cataract surgery in minor procedure rooms will become the next big push in ophthalmology.
Devil's advocate: OD-performed surgery dangerous, but could be legalIn his latest blog, Zack Oakey, MD, defends optometrist-performed medical procedures, and explains why he thinks not allowing such practices hinders patients and creates an ophthalmic monopoly.
7 tips for an office clutter detoxIn her latest blog, Donna Suter, a practice management specialist, breaks down 7 easy ways to finally give your office a clutter detox just in time for summer.
The Gardener’s ChallengeIn his latest blog, Mark Packer, MD, FACS, CPI, tells of a time a patient of his was left to only trust his judgment and nothing else, and why learning never ends for physicians.
The lethargic colleagueIn his latest blog, Zack Oakey, MD, ponders why it seems that physicians need their own explicit medium to combat social sabotage, especially in academic practice among residents and fellows where monetary compensation is "already dilute" as he phrases it.
Which patients deserve empathy?In his latest blog, Arun Gulani, MD, discusses deciding whether or not a patient deserves empathy for their medical situation, even when they are 'attorneys who sue eye surgeons for a living.'
Dysfunctional lens syndrome paradoxIn his latest blog, Mark Packer, MD, FACS, CPI, defends why doctors should not allow the restrictions of third party payers on reimbursement for cataract surgery to drive your diagnosis or your recommendations for treatment, as diagnosis and treatment must remain the surgeon’s sole responsibility if our profession is to retain any of its natural inherent authority.
Give your staff more field tripsIn her latest blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC writes why allowing staff more learning opportunities builds better office morale.
The power of what we doIn his debut blog, Arun C. Gulani, MD, recalls the great power of what ophthalmologists can really do for their patients.