Ruler is better than eye for pigment measurePhysicians should measure pigmented lesion diameter with a ruler rather than estimating via landmarks or the naked eye, a study shows.
Switching from an AIMP to a melanoma diagnosisSignificant residual pigment may indicate elevated melanoma risk in atypical intraepidermal melanocytic proliferation (AIMP) lesions.
Lab, clinical background key in pediatric dermatopathologyEven with relatively recent advances such as immunohistochemical staining and molecular analysis, experts say, pediatric dermatopathology relies heavily on clinical correlation.
New hope for treating deep renal tumors?If further work with irreversible electroporation refines its capacity for discrete tissue ablation deep within the kidney and adjacent to large blood vessels, and especially if larger tumors can be addressed, then this would be a major step forward in the minimally invasive treatment of localized renal cancer.
EB drug has significant medical, market potentialScioderm Inc. has released data from its recently completed phase 2b clinical trial — and plans for a phase 3 trial — on its investigational therapy Zorblisa (SD-101), a topical treatment for blistering and lesions associated with epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Read to learn more