6 puzzling cases to crackWe know you love a good diagnostic challenge. Can you solve these 6 cases that we've featured over the past year?
Manuka honey tested as AD treatmentA pilot study shows that Manuka honey may have some healing properties in atopic dermatitis.
Case study:  20 non-melanomas and now this mysterious lesion
Case study: 20 non-melanomas and now this mysterious lesionIn this case, the clinical diagnosis can be difficult as the features of the lesion overlap in this 90-year-old patient. What is the diagnosis?
Father, son share similar blue bumpsA father brings his 8-year-old son to the office for evaluation of new, asymptomatic blue bumps that have appeared on the boy’s chest over the last several months (Figure). The dad notes that he has had similar lesions as well.
Boy with fever, cough, and oral lesionsA previously healthy, 16-year-old Hispanic boy initially presents to the clinic with a 5-day history of tactile fevers, achy malaise, congestion, and a dry cough. He was afebrile with negative rapid strep and monospot tests, but was prescribed fluticasone, benzonatate, and ibuprofen for a presumed upper respiratory infection. He was encouraged to return if symptoms did not improve.
Toddler with lesions on cheeks, ears, and armsAlarmed parents bring their healthy 14-month-old son to the office for evaluation of a rash that appeared on his face and arms 3 days ago. He had a fever and runny nose at that time, but the fever has since resolved and he is behaving normally.
Purple papules pop up after antibiotic courseThe mother of a 17-year-old boy frantically brings him to the office for evaluation of an itchy, burning rash that started on his hands 1 hour ago.
Clinical photos can cut surgical errors, biopsy ratesSolid evidence supports the value of biopsy-site photos in preventing wrong-site surgeries, an expert says. The data behind total body photography (TBP) and noninvasive imaging techniques are exciting developments, he adds, but their value in routine practice is less clear.
Persistent solitary lesion in an 8-month-old boyThe mother of a healthy 8-month-old boy pops into your office for an urgent visit seeking advice on a golden brown bump on her son’s lower back, visible since 2 months of age. This morning when he awoke, it appeared angry, red, and swollen although the swelling seems to be improving. What’s your diagnosis?