Everything Pharmacists Need to Know About DIR Reform
Everything Pharmacists Need to Know About DIR ReformMeaningful changes to DIR fees are on the horizon—will pharmacies see an increase in reimbursements?
Ohio Cracks Down on PBMs
Ohio Cracks Down on PBMsA new rule in Ohio is designed to bring transparency to drug prices in the pharmacy.
Is Telepharmacy Taking Pharmacy Jobs?
Is Telepharmacy Taking Pharmacy Jobs?Arizona joins a growing list of states to adopt telepharmacy legislation. Here’s how it could affect pharmacists.
End-of-life care planning advancements: What health execs should know
End-of-life care planning advancements: What health execs should knowMore awareness and new state laws regarding end-of-life treatment are affecting treatment approaches. Here’s what you need to know.
NACDS Endorses Improvements to Drug Monitoring ProgramsNACDS is supporting the MONITOR Act to help curb opioid abuse.
FDA Considers Compounding Pharmacy RegulationsGottlieb says that changes may be coming, but remains firm on current regulations.
Law Reauthorizes FDA Fees and Increases Access to Generics/BiosimilarsSenate passes FDARA overwhelmingly, ahead of September deadline.
New Bill Could Force E-prescribing
New Bill Could Force E-prescribingLegislators say it will help ease the problem, but the NCPA says it’s just one part of the solution.
E-cigarettes: A legislative updateOn August 8, 2016, Mitch Zeller, JD, blogged on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website that beginning that day, federal law would protect the public—especially kids—from the dangers of all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), vapes, and more. The law, known as the Deeming Rule, would regulate the largely unregulated market that he referred to as having been the “wild, wild West.”
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