OB ignores nursing supervisor, fractures infant’s skull"Reckless" forceps use ends in disaster.
Legally Speaking: Patient sues after wrong ovary removedThis case illustrates the importance of obtaining informed consent for any procedure.
Was there fraudulent coding just because I used a novel treatment approach?How does the standard of care relate to medical coding?
The best of times or the worst of times? A tale of two surveysOb/gyns' fear of being sued may be disproportionate to the frequency of malpractice claims.
Legally Speaking: Infant death from fetal hydropsWhen a jury sees a diagnosis of HIE, it is very difficult to show them that no hypoxia occurred in labor, even in the face of normal cord blood gases.
I charge more for some patients, now a patient is suing me
I charge more for some patients, now a patient is suing meThe legality of pricing disparity between insured and uninsured patients is decided on a state-by-state basis. Be aware that differential billing policies can violate state consumer protection statutes.
Legally Speaking: Patient refuses cerclage, medication; delivers earlyDespite counseling, a patient is reluctant to follow her MFM specialist's advice.
Legally Speaking: Acute fatty liver disease in pregnancy results in stillbirthThe verdicts and settlements involved in this case and 8 others.
Hepatitis C drugs come under fire againA new US Congressional report about the price of hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, along with a new class action lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield involving Harvoni coverage, are the latest in a series of controversies surrounding the 2 drugs.
Legally Speaking: Weak link in chain of command leads to $23 million settlementIn malpractice cases allegations of a failure to follow the chain-of-command policy often are made retrospectively, knowing the bad outcome and claiming that nurses had a responsibility to obtain additional medical care that would have prevented the patient’s injury.