laser and light devices

Laser treatment in children
Laser treatment in childrenLaser treatments can have a significant positive impact on a child’s wellbeing. Adopt techniques to minimize anxiety for children. Some conditions can be treated when the child is older.
Preventable eye injuriesResurfacing lasers pose a threat to the cornea and ocular surface. Ocular injuries associated with lasers include misshapen pupils, iritis and vision loss. Expert suggests against performing micro-focused ultrasound treatments within the orbital rim. Standard ocular shields do not provide effective protection against focused ultrasound.
Lasers in melanoma careLaser for melanoma in situ (MIS) should generally be reserved for nonsurgical, usually elderly patients. When indicated, MIS may be treated with CO2 laser or with combined Q-switched Nd:YAG and imiquimod. Any atypical-appearing lesion should be biopsied prior to the start of a laser treatment.
Acne responds to energy-based therapiesEnergy-based treatments can be used on their own or in conjunction with medical treatments to address chronic dermatological conditions like melasma, acne, and vitiligo.
Laser fundamentalsA review of basic laser knowledge will help dermatologists improve operating room and patient safety as well as ensure optimal outcomes. One expert offers tips for assessing space, equipment and patients.
Energy-based treatment advantages for acneTwo novel energy-based approaches are ushering in a new era in acne treatment. One expert addresses the role these devices may play.
RF needling tips that guarantee successDelivering radiofrequency energy to the dermis using needles bypasses and overcomes the barriers to success in treating wrinkles and laxity. Here’s how one expert performs nonsurgical lifting.
Tips to avoid laser device complicationsJoel L. Cohen, M.D. offers advice to avoid some laser complications and helps colleagues better understand reasoning behind combination therapy with injectables.
Sciton Halo: The new hybrid laser
Sciton Halo: The new hybrid laserOne laser for multiple skin conditions that requires fewer treatments and little downtime.
What’s new in facial rejuvenationFrom single devices that perform a spectrum of rejuvenation procedures, to older devices that are re-emerging, to new combinations using tried-and-true technologies, dermatologists are at the forefront of what’s new and exciting in facial rejuvenation. Learn more.