laser acne treatment

August clinical considerations for NPs and PAsIn this month’s Clinical Considerations, we learn from a new study that laser treatment following isotretinoin therapy can possibly be initiated sooner than we thought; researchers have shown microwave technology may reduce underarm odor, and glean guidance for diagnosing mycosis fungoides.
Back acne responds to laserApplication of a topical photoparticle immediately before non-ablative 810 nm diode laser treatment for acne resulted in a statistically significant reduction from baseline in inflammatory acne counts on the back, according to a small feasibility study presented in April at ASLMS.
Laser treatments found safe, effectiveA new study finds that use of dual laser therapy alone in skin types V and VI achieves excellent results with an exceptional side-effect profile.
Energy-based treatment advantages for acneTwo novel energy-based approaches are ushering in a new era in acne treatment. One expert addresses the role these devices may play.
Should you wait after isotretinoin to treat acne with laser?Dermatology Times editorial advisor, Dr. Elaine Siegfried continues the discussion on isotretinoin with Jim Leyden, M.D., emeritus professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. In this final segment, the two discuss whether a waiting period is necessary before treating acne scars and the questionable existence of pityrosporum folliculitis.
Tips for treating acne scars
Tips for treating acne scarsDifferent types of acne scars may require combinations of treatments and multiple sessions.
Gold microparticles zap sebaceous folliclesSelectively heating sebaceous follicles with topically-delivered light-absorbing gold microparticles is a safe and effective treatment for acne.
Laser, light devices useful for clearing acne, scars recalcitrant to standard treatmentsWhile topical and oral therapies remain the gold standard approach for treating acne, laser and light sources are effective for acne lesions and scarring, and can be particularly useful in cases recalcitrant to standard therapeutic approaches.
Combining correct laser device with type of acne scar boosts clearanceAcne scars are potentially socially debilitating lifelong reminders of the condition. Fortunately, modern laser therapy allows dermatologists to offer their patients hope for improvement. Prior to initiating laser therapy for acne scars it is important to consider the types of scars encountered.