Debunking the myths of laser treatments for darker skin
Debunking the myths of laser treatments for darker skinIn this slideshow, we feature Dr. Eliot Battle who offers recommendations for laser treatment in non-white patients. Lasers are as diverse as the patients and conditions they are designed to treat, he says.
Fractional resurfacing and the standard of careIt is important to note that where there are two or more recognized methods of diagnosing or treating the same condition, a physician does not fall below the standard of care by using any of the acceptable methods even if one method turns out to be less effective than another method.
Advances in lasers, light sourcesDermatology has been at the forefront of the laser and light development—an area in aesthetic and medical dermatology that has surged in recent years, according to Jill S. Waibel, M.D.
Laser fundamentalsA review of basic laser knowledge will help dermatologists improve operating room and patient safety as well as ensure optimal outcomes. One expert offers tips for assessing space, equipment and patients.
Experience with a novel Nd:YAG laserThe Nd:YAG laser plays a key part in ophthalmology. However, it is important to select a device that enables the best treatment results using lower energy and fewer shots
What will be the industry game changers in 2016?What do your colleagues predict will be the specialty’s game-changers in 2016? Here is what some said they are most looking forward to in the coming year.
3 fast marketing tactics for lasersMarketing is what fuels the success of laser practices, says Michael H. Gold, M.D., medical director of a Nashville, Tenn. laser practice with more than 40 devices.
New laser treatment to help inflammatory skin conditionChromogenex announced a new laser treatment called Regenlite Transform. It uses a Biostimulatory Effect. Read more on what this laser can do.
The Ins and Outs of Using Lasers Off-LabelHow often do you go off-label when you use laser devices in your practice? Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2014 Laser Roundtable experts E. Victor Ross, M.D., Michael Gold, M.D., and David Goldberg, M.D., J.D., share their answers.
Laser injury requires second opinionA 56 year-old male patient came into the clinic recently for a second opinion concerning a previous injury to his right eye. A high-powered commercial laser in a physics laboratory was the source of the injury in 2005.