labor induction

Women's Health Update: ACOG 2017 on obesityA round-up of research on obesity in pregnancy from the ACOG 2017 meeting in San Diego, California.
Timing matters when inducing labor, researchers findThey separated laboring women into "morning" and "afternoon" groups.
Is tachysystole during labor induction linked with adverse perinatal outcomes?A 5-year study offers reassurance.
Induction success or failure: Does maternal age matter?A study in Israel compared mothers older and younger than 35.
Transcervical balloon catheter: no tension neededResearchers looked at time to catheter expulsion and time to delivery.
Link between labor induction and autism spectrum disorder?A study examined the outcomes of more than 1.3 million live births in Sweden.
Labor induction vs expectant management in women over 35“Women have very polarized views about induction... some are keen to be induced near their due date ... Others, however, feel that nature knows best and induction is meddlesome."
Acupressure as labor induction technique?A study in Tehran tested this noninvasive intervention on women with uncomplicated pregnancies at full term.
Prolonged PROM, labor induction, and cesareansA study looked at the outcomes for women who had prolonged premature rupture of membranes at term.
Misoprostol versus dinoprostone for labor inductionA recent study in Austria looked at the results in more than 200 labor inductions.