Kuldev Singh, MD

Glaucoma experiences transformative growth as a subspecialtyAfter decades of slow, but steady, progress in the advancement of glaucoma as a subspecialty, the last quarter century has seen tremendous innovation in this field.
Glaucoma surveillance essential for optimizing patient outcomesGlaucoma progression occurs slowly in the vast majority of patients, and most patients with glaucoma will not go blind from the disease. However, it is important to get early diagnosis, treatment when indicated, and develop a disease surveillance protocol.
2015's glaucoma therapy advancesWhile no new drug shook up the world of glaucoma in 2015, a variety of promising agents made incremental advances toward the market with their true potential as yet unproven. Manufacturers have continued to refine approaches to existing drugs.
Evidence supports move to more use of drainage devices
Big picture of glaucoma care presents with shades of grayGlaucoma care in the United States has changed very little over the past 20 years. Kuldev Singh, MD, outlined the state of glaucoma in 2014. Only 25% to 50% of Americans with glaucoma are aware that they have glaucoma, and there are many more who are aware and not under regular care. Then, there are patients who are under regular care, but they may not be compliant with prescribed therapy. The bottom line is there is much room for improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of this glaucomatous disease.