Ohio’s PDMP Gives Pharmacists Better Patient View
Ohio’s PDMP Gives Pharmacists Better Patient ViewThe PDMP will give pharmacists access to advanced analytics.
Top solutions to lower drug pricesPBMs partnering with pharmacies and drug makers may have a solution to nonadherence due to high pharma costs.
Big-Box Pharmacy on the Rise
Big-Box Pharmacy on the RiseBig-box merchandisers, including supermarkets, employ thousands of pharmacists and offer higher-than-average salaries.
Express Scripts Lowers Drug Prices For Some Patients
Express Scripts Lowers Drug Prices For Some PatientsHow Inside Rx could save patients money.
Walgreens offering same-day Rx delivery in DallasWalgreens is partnering with a California-based company to provide home delivery of prescriptions to its customers in the Dallas, Texas area.
Ohio streamlining pharmacist access to patient drug historiesOhio is set to become the first state to link its prescription drug monitoring program with electronic medical records already in existence.
Kroger pharmacies offering free delivery in MichiganKroger pharmacies recently began offering free home delivery at all of its 104 Michigan stores.
Walgreens extends offer to Obamacare enrolleesWalgreens has extended its offer to provide a limited supply of medications to newly insured Americans enrolled under the Affordable Care Act who haven't received plan identification numbers yet from their insurers.
Pharmacies to help Obamacare enrollees without ID cardsMore than one million Americans have signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but many are having difficulty using their coverage because they have not received plan identification numbers from insurers. To aid those in such situations, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and other large and small pharmacies are offering a limited amount of medications at no upfront cost.