Karen Nash

Are you seeing a decline in PSA screening?"We’re definitely seeing fewer men referred for elevated PSAs," one urologist told Urology Times.
What’s been your experience with ICD-10 so far?
What’s been your experience with ICD-10 so far?Three urologists discussing their early experiences with ICD-10 make it clear that the transition hasn't been the disaster predicted by some.
Has the current state of medicine affected your retirement plans?"I can’t believe what I’ve gotten myself into. Medicine has become, almost weekly, and certainly monthly and yearly, more and more bureaucratized," says one urologist.
Have you considered using a scribe in your practice?"Before the scribe, I spent 2 to 3 hours each evening and from 6 to 10 hours on a weekend catching up with notes in the computer. Now, I probably spend no more than an hour a day."
What do you do to prevent post-prostate biopsy infection?Urologists discuss their approaches to preventing post-prostate biopsy infection, including rectal swabs and antibiotic prophylaxis.
Are EHRs a help or hindrance to patient care?Urologists' opinions on EHR systems vary, as some feel that they're helpful in large systems where paper records are not always on hand, while others lament the lost time spent communicating face-to-face with patients.
Are NPs/PAs a viable short-term solution to the urologist shortage?"Training more urologists is a long-term plan that’s needed, but PAs/NPs aren’t a solution everywhere because the distribution of specialists can vary, even within the same state."
Are you making preparations for the switch to ICD-10?"Do I think [ICD-10] will make patient care better? If it did, I would be really shocked. The question is, will it make patient care worse? I hope not.”
Are you seeing more younger patients presenting with erectile dysfunction?
Are you seeing more younger patients presenting with erectile dysfunction?Some urologists are seeing more younger men for erectile dysfunction than they have in the past, the reasons for which appear to be multi-factorial.